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  • The Saw Stop Safety System - Explaining the Table Saw that Keeps You Safer


    Do you trust your table saw enough to stick your finger in it?

    Everyone knows that the majority of woodworking injuries occur at the helm of a table saw. While this machine is the epicenter of many workshops, it is also an incredibly dangerous machine capable of delivering serious and permanent injury. That being said, the table saw doesn't have to be viewed like a shark in red waters - on the contrary, the strength and fury of a table saw can be harnessed and controlled enabling users to work safely and confidently in front of an otherwise unforgiving saw blade. How's that, you ask. Well, everyone also knows that while a Saw Stop's electrical safety system is activated, the saw won't cut through something conductive; It can't. And it can't cut through your finger either. In fact, if the safety system is triggered the saw literally can't do anything at all and while it's saw blade may leave it's mark (in a small way) before falling below the table top, the saw is effectively disabled. That sounds like a miracle, right? But while this response is miraculous, the Saw Stop system relies on science and an advanced monitoring and detection technology to ensure you remain safe and sound, and, yes, you'll remain in one piece.


    In a nutshell, here's how the patented Saw Stop safety system works.

    1. The Electrical Monitoring & Detection System

    The saw blade carries a small electrical signal. When your body (or something else conductive) contacts the blade, the conductivity of the human body changes the electrical signal and activates an aluminum brake.

    2. Brake Activation

    After the brake is activated, a few things happen to protect you from injury. Within 5 milliseconds...

    - the saw's aluminum break springs into the blade stopping it instantly
    - the brake and the blade's angular momentum drive the blade beneath the saw table
    - power to the saw's motor is shut off

    This means that before the saw blade can gnash off a part of your body, the blade is stopped, dropped and totally disabled. That 5 milliseconds saves your way of life (and potentially your fingers and a tremendous amount of pain and hospital bills). Despite the saw blade spinning at around 5,000 RPM, the brake stops the blade within 1/1000th of a second. That is nothing short of incredible and, like nothing else does, it protects you from 5,000 razor sharp RPM.

    3. Reset 

    After the brake activates, it effectively destroys both the blade and the brake cartridge. This means that the brake and the blade must be replaced. That, however, is a very small price to pay when compared to the alternative. In under 5 minutes and for significantly less than a lost limb (only about $100 for the pair), the blade and break cartridge can be replaced. And, that's how it works. Saw Stop table saws use electricity to monitor the electrical signal of the saw blade. The precise moment the blade's signal changes, it's stopped and thrust below deck. Accordingly, you can feel safe and confident on the job. - But it's not just the safety features that make Saw Stop North America's # 1 table saw, it's also their focus on high-performance and uncompromising results. From top to bottom, Saw Stop delivers unmatched quality and a peace-of-mind that's not available from any other machine. Saw Stop table saws are built to last, built to cut and built to protect.