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    At mmSawStop.com, our goal is to help you achieve greater success, create better results, and to feel more confident in your craft.

    mmSawStop.com is a member of the M&M Tool Group, a family company that has served the power tool, construction and woodworking communities for more than 75 years. Specializing in woodworking machinery and machinery repair, mmSawStop.com is a foremost resource for professional craftsman and serious hobbyists. Focusing on SawStop equipment and introducing woodworkers to this brand of superior quality machinery, mmSawStop.com is an authorized SawStop dealer. Our team is serious about woodworking and serious about ensuring you get exactly the right SawStop table saw and SawStop accessories for your shop. 

    Results are important to woodworkers and, accordingly, our team is built with woodworkers like you that understand your needs and your questions. mmSawStop.com has the skill and the experience to help you get the machinery you need to achieve the results you want. When you want the best equipment and the best customer support, you want mmSawStop.com.

    The M&M Tool Group has a unique and personal relationship with each of the manufacturers they sell and service. Among other distinguishing points, they're a preferred SawStop dealer, they've achieved JET Select Dealer status, Powermatic Gold Dealer status, Makita Pro-Dealer Status and Bosch Systems Specialist Dealer status. The M&M Tool Group is proud to offer a complete in-house repair center and happily provides free repair quotes to machinery users in need of a tune-up.

    Please visit our Brick-and-Mortar store and showroom or peruse our website for more information about us, our products or simply for some industrial advice; we are always happy to help and we're committed to your total satisfaction.

    Our History

    M&M Tool and Machinery is a global distributor of industrial woodworking, construction and production equipment, replacement parts, and accessories.

    Founded in 1939, M&M Tool and Machinery began as Electric Motor and Supply Company, a small shop in the heart of Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Established by Mr. Edmund (Ed) Neeley, a dynamic and dedicated craftsman and entrepreneur, the shop specialized in the winding, re-winding, repair and sale of motors. For nearly forty years, the company thrived as a motor repair shop with a specialized focus in customer satisfaction.

    In the mid-1970's, however, as the business continued to grow and motor and machine technology continued to evolve, it became less practical to service motors and more economical to simply buy new ones. This change in the industry catalyzed an important movement in the growth, history, and longevity of the company; Electric Motor and Supply Company, or EMSCO, as it was referred to locally, was forced to adapt to a more diverse community with more diverse expectations.

    Accordingly, EMSCO began to expand its specialization to include an entire industry of power tools, woodworking machinery, and construction and production equipment. While maintaining its focus on customer satisfaction, intelligent and honest customer service and technical support, the small motor shop was becoming a truly unique, full-service company.

    Of course, no path is entirely without obstacle and as the American and local economies began to plummet during the stock market crash of '73 - '74, the ensuing 1970's recession and continued economic tremors, the following years presented an a nearly insurmountable struggle for the small company now operated by a second generation of enterprising Neeleys, Ed's sons: Stephen, Michael, and Gary.

    With the economy on a steep decline and an environment of financial insecurity, EMSCO was all but snuffed of their former vitality. Rather than collapsing, though, the company simply condensed. Despite losing their original building and both Stephen and Gary Neeley to the economic crash, the company adapted, survived, and reinvented its identity.

    In 1982 Michael Neeley and Matthew Jones re-christened the business M&M Tool and Machinery. Together, Mike and Matt began to regrow the company into an expert service-center with a comprehensive intelligence of the woodworking and construction industries. While maintaining their focus on customer happiness and incorporating new manufacturers, new machines and a keen eye on expansion, M&M Tool and Machinery, after several difficult years, was finally treading on greener pastures.

    Partnering again with his brother and rekindling his relationship with the family business, Stephen Neeley purchased the company in 1999. Steve and Mike continued to grow the business and solidified its station as a growing national distributor with both surprisingly big buying power and friendly small-town service. In early 2006, opting for a much larger 13,000 square-foot showroom and greater shop and storage space, M&M Tool and Machinery moved locations and into the building where they presently operate.

    In late 2010, to the dismay of life-long crafters and colleagues, Mike Neeley retired for the even greener pastures of Utah's golf courses. Now, remaining in the heart of Salt Lake City and establishing itself as an adaptable and global enterprise, Steve Neeley and his son, Josh, a third generation family owner and innovator, continue to evolve the business within the flux of consumer demand and industrial growth.

    The Neeley family credits the success, longevity, and overall development of M&M Tool and Machinery to the passion and dedication of its employees and to the sometimes compulsive and always fiery passion of a woodworker (or tool-user) for his craft.